Swingers evening #2

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After we had eaten a we did a walk in the forest, we came back to our cottage. It was very cold outside so warming up infront of the wood stove was a good plan. Pretty soon it was very hot in the cottage on the thermostat pointed 29 degrees. The warm winter clothing was gone and we where sitting there in our lingerie. Of course, our hands were on each other’s body. It’s really a wonderful feeling to feel caress six hands over your body.

Soon my pussy was soaking wet. The fingers dipped into my pussy up and down. But not only mine, Vanessa was well pampered. Klaas-Jan’s cock was rock hard, I pulled a condom on his cock and pulled him toward me. He was on his knees on the ground and pushed his hard cock into my wet cave. Vanessa did the same with my boyfriend. There we where lying, mouning, kissing and caressing each other while the men rammed their hard cock in our pussies. This experience was really intense! With our hands we now stimulated each other’s clitoris and soon we cum with loud moans. The men pulled the condom from their cocks and sprayed their sperm allover our bellies.

Once again, afther we just had freshened we were enjoy into each other’s arms. Eventually we fell asleep. The next morning the men woke up with a stiff cock.

  1. BigDave57

    Very sexy…I wish I could have been there.

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