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Naakt Masturberen op de Bank

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16:22 min, .mp4 (zip), 300 MB

Download mijn volledige en ongecensureerde privé masturbeer sextape.

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  1. mecho11

    Imagine you are having an intimate and cozy Dutch Gourmetten. You choose Nikki Holland as your very special dish. She is gloriously spread out before you like a naked goddess of female pleasure…which is exactly what she is!
    Nikki keeps her two vibrators in separate soft bags. Are they lovers who might be jealous of each other and kept blindfolded until the last moment? Not to worry, they politely take turns. Nikki has them well trained…and knows them very well. In moments Nikki’s pretty face reddens… her pulse and breathing accelerate… her body quivers and her cute nostrils flare in blessed orgasmic release!
    Video is crystal clear, perfectly framed with a body/backgound ratio of about 80/20 (meaning that most of the image is Nikki))!! Video is well lit so the viewer can enjoy every quivering inch of Nikki’s adorable body. Well done and very highly recommended.

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