Swingers evening #3

Swingers evening #3
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Upon waking up in our self-manufactured huge bed, the men had obviously a hard cock. Vanessa and i looked at each other and graped the cocks with both hands. We jerked of those cocks while our body rubbed against them. Meanwhile we kept eye contact while we slumped down to suck. Faster and deeper that dick went into our mouth. Vanessa even got the whole cock of my boyfriend in her mouth. Soon the men sprayed their sperm in our mouths.

“So you men are done, you can get fresh bread and set the breakfast table.” Vanessa and i are going to have some more fun together. Vanessa and I began to fondle each other and fingering. She sank slowly kissing down and started licking me. Oooh, that’s even better than my boyfriend does. She knew exactly hit the right spots. The double dildo reappeared and slipped seamlessly into our pussies. We pushed our pussies together and began rhythmically to chafing. In no time we were finished, I felt the moisture running down my legs.


The men had made breakfast ready and where watching us in the doorway . “Are comming ladies?” After breakfast we have brought back the house in its original condition and checked out. I’m happy that i can share some photos with my fans. It was a wonderful horny time!

4 thoughts on “Swingers evening #3

  1. Hele mooie post met mooie (amateur) foto’s. Esthetisch onherkenbaar gemaakt door gebruik te maken van ”cropping image” i.p.v. lelijke blur of zwarte boeven balkjes over de ogen.

    1. Helemaal waar. Mochten jullie eens een keer een shoot of filmpje willen dan hoor ik dat graag.

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