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Tag Archives: art

Your Valentine

Do you give me a Valentine gift?

Black and White Poses

Red Light Patches

Black White Paris

Tits for the Good Boys

Get 5 large pictures with your name or alias written on my body.

IWC Worldwide Paris

My Cunt Art

My Cunt looks like an art work with the underwater lights. Art with a capital C

All alone in a park

I’m walking a bit in the surroundings of a Fryslân village. On this beautiful sunny day there is no one to be found in the park. Good time to take […]

Red velvet in the wind

My red velvet bra is one with nature.

Sexy Bras Shopping

One of my fans donated me 50 euro to buy lingerie. 😀 So i went bra shopping in Amsterdam last weekend. As a rewared he got a bunch of sexy […]